Carbon Chemistry ZeoClear™ Y


Carbon Chemistry ZeoClear™ Y

 ZeoClear™ Y is a granular attapulgite which has been thermally activated to remove impurities and maximize adsorption capabilities. An effect media for color remediation and general product improvement with high contaminant absorptivity.

Key Features:

  • Micron Size 250-595um
  • Attapulgite granular media, alkaline medium
  • Easy handling, fast flow, color improvement
  • General product improvement with high contaminant absorptivity
  • Color Remediation
  • In-Line Filtration
  • Hot Scrub
  • Recirculate

Granular Media FAQ:

  • How do I use granular media?
    • Zeolite adsorbents can be used inline during extraction with LPG solvents or in a hot scrub with non-polar solvents of higher BP like Heptane
  • Is this a replacement for powders?
    • The answer depends on what your processing goals are e.g. color removal, pesticide remediation, etc. Each adsorbent for filtration media will have its own unique set of properties including pH, pore size, polarity, surface area that make certain adsorbents more suitable to certain uses.
  • Can I mix granular media and powders?
    • Yes, you can either mix powders with granular media or place the granular media on top a bed of powdered media. This will however result in a more restricted flow which will require additional pressure to pass your solution through your filter cake.
  • Do I need to bake the media?
    • Media does not need to be baked prior to use but can be only superficial water will be removed which may improve performance. To remove superficial moisture, bake for 8hrs at 200C (392F)
  • How do I know how much media to use?
    • This will depend on a few variables such as the amount of your starting material, the age of your starting material, and desired color of your final product. 
  • How does the media need to be stored? before and after use.
    • Before use; Keep container tightly closed and dry; store in a cool place. After use; Store in a well-ventilated area, this media is saturated with flammable/explosive solvent and can self-ignite if not not handled properly.
  • Is the media safe to handle without PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)?
    • Breathing must be protected when large quantities are decanted without local exhaust ventilation. When workers face exposure to dust exceeding the occupational exposure limits they must use appropriate certified respirators. Wear a NIOSH-certified (or equivalent) particulate respirator.
  • What micron size filters are required? / The media is larger but are there fines?
    • The media might be large but there are fine dust particles (about 5 million per lb.) that can get carried away in your solution and require separation. We suggest stacking a 5-micron filter on top of a 1-micron filter which will help keep your flow slow as well as filtering out any fine dust particles.
  • The media didn't work, what did I do wrong?
    • There is an exceptionally good chance you did not restrict your solvent flow enough. Try again with a much slower flow through your filter. Another variable you might consider adjusting is solvent temperature. Colder solvent will pull less lipids and waxes which can impede the efficiency of the adsorbent.


Note:  Bulk Bags and Bulk sizes are non-stocked items and will be ordered as needed and carry a several week lead time and require a forklift or pallet jack

    Carbon Chemistry ZeoClear™ Y

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