BVV™ ULTRA High Purity Lab Grade N-Heptane 99.3% Pure


BVV™ ULTRA High Purity Lab Grade N-Heptane  99.3% Purity



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  • Spigots/Faucets are only compatible with 5 Gallon Plastic Jugs and must be purchased separately
  • Trigger Sprayer is only compatible with 1QT and 1 Gallon sizes

BVV™ ULTRA High Purity Lab Grade N-Heptane is a perfect solution for cleaning up and clarifying the extracted material and removing the green colored plant material and some waxes out of the product to produce a cleaner end result when distilling extracts. Heptane can be used the same as hexane or as a solvent, but has a higher boiling point when needing to remove residuals from extracted material.

BVV™ N-Heptane SDS

BVV™ N-Heptane COA

Chemical Formula: C7H16
Molecular Weight: 100.205 g·mol−1
CAS Registry Number: 142-82-5
Appearance Colorless Liquid
Odor: Petrolic

0.6795 g cm−3

Boiling Point: 98.38 °C /209.08 °F
Solubility in water: 0.0003% (20 °C
GHS Pictograms: GHS02: FlammableGHS07: Exclamation markGHS08: Health hazardGHS09: Environmental hazard
GHS Signal Word: Danger
GHS Hazard Statements: H225, H304, H315, H336, H410
GHS Precautionary Statements P210, P261, P273, P301+P310, P331
UN Identification Number: 1206
Proper Shipping Name: Heptanes
Transport Hazard Class: 3
Packing Group: II
DOT Placard: Flammable liquids (3)


BVV™ ULTRA High Purity Lab Grade N-Heptane 99.3% Pure

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