Tri-Clamp Neoprene Insulation Sleeve by BVV


BVV Neoprene Insulation Sleeve's

Our Insulation sleeves are made from 3mm durable Neoprene Scuba Fabric and has a rated insulation value of R 1.5

These sleeves are 90% polyester and 10% spandex which makes all of these a snug fit around the spools.  The material weighs in at 350 grams per square meter and has a smooth finish and a double stitched side seam.  

The sleeves can be easily cut with scissors and modified to add custom cutouts.  The sleeves are also reversible and the inside color is black.  

Note: *Customers who order De-Wax or Fully Jacketed spool sleeves will not have pre-cut holes for the side ports.  But fear not this material cuts very easily with sharp cutting tools, and you can easily add the small holes for these ports.   

BVV's Tested Temperatures:  -80°C to 105°C (-112°F to 220°F) we have not tested beyond these temperature, it doesn't mean it not capable its just untested by BVV.


Tri-Clamp Neoprene Insulation Sleeve by BVV

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