Extractor Column Bolt-On Handles fits Tri-Clamp Tubing


Extractor Column Bolt-On Handles

For Tri-Clamp Pipes, Tubing, Dewaxing Columns, or Collection Bases!

(Does Not Include Pictured Jacketed Tri-Clamp Splatter Platter)

These Bolt-On Stainless Steel Pipe Hangers have welded on handles to allow for easier handling of stainless steel spools, splatter platters, and collection bases to pour out extracts, dry ice, or anything else with ease. Please note that when ordering a specific size for a dewaxing or jacketed column to measure the outer diameter because it will be larger than the actual 'Tri-Clamp' size.

Extractor Column Bolt-On Handles fits Tri-Clamp Tubing

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