6" Tri-Clamp Tall Sight Glass


6" Tri-Clamp/Tri-Clover Tall Sight Glass

This massive 6" Tri-Clamp sight glass is one of a kind and a specialty product for Best Value Vacs. It allows customers to attach it to alcohol or steam-based extraction systems or to monitor the flow of large scale sanitary systems. These sight glasses come in either 10, 20, or 30" lengths and the customer has the choice of choosing a Buna-N or Silicone gasket through dropdowns. (Sight Glass Comes Standard with Buna-N.)

Material 304 Stainless Steel / Borosilicate / Nitrile OR Silicone
Connection Type 6" Tri-Clamp
Length 10" , 20", or 30"
Pressure Rating 50 PSI

6" Tri-Clamp Tall Sight Glass

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SKU: SG60010


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