3" Tri-Clamp x (2) 1/4" FNPT Ports w/ Shower Head


3" Tri-Clamp/ Tri Clover x (2) 1/4" FNPT Ports w/ Shower Head

These End Caps come with Two 1/4"-18 FNPT Threaded connection welded to the end cap with a sanitary weld. They allow the user to adapt and connect a threaded connection to the 1/4" port on a Tri-Clamp lid. Stainless steel tri-clamp fittings are the most popular style of process line equipment used within the industrial, food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. 

Shower Head End Caps help disperse solvent input into a system, which creates better material saturation when flooding a material column. This helps to prevent channeling, ensuring all the material is saturated. Quickly create a leak-proof connection allowing easy assembly or disassembly for routine maintenance and inspection.


Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Connection Type: Tri-Clamp
1/4" - 18 FNPT
Standard: 3A
Sizes Available: 3"

3" Tri-Clamp x (2) 1/4" FNPT Ports w/ Shower Head

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SKU: 300ECSH204


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