2 Gallon Square Acrylic Wall Vacuum Chamber


This is a complete vacuum chamber and will come assembled for instant use. We are the number one provider in the market for shatter vac vacuum chambers because of our great customer service, quick turnaround time, safety and unbeatable warranty. We monitor our listings daily and have a reputation of responding to all inquiries very fast and accurately. Our high demand and volume allows us to beat any price in the market, all while ensuring you always receive a superior product. You will receive the best products available because all of our suppliers are ISO 9000 certified for quality control management and because we take great pride in our vacuum chamber systems.

This chamber comes with or new industrial grade, Die Cut Neoprene Gasket. This Chamber will lose no more than 2.5Hg (inches of Mercury) every 24 hours.

Internal Dimensions: 7.5" Long X 7.375" Wide 8.125" Deep

This chamber comes assembled and includes:

    • (1) 1/2" thick clear acrylic lid

    • (1) Die Cut Neoprene Gasket

    • 60A durometer density

    • (1) Custom glycerin filled vacuum gauge

    • Max vacuum -29.5Hg (+/-0.5Hg)

    • (1) Leak free nickel plated air manifold with extra vacuum release valve

    • (1) Brass barb that will connect to all vacuum pumps

    • (1) 5ft HVAC Vacuum Hose

2 Gallon Square Acrylic Wall Vacuum Chamber

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