2" Footmaster Leveling Caster Ivory - 550lb cap


2" Footmaster Leveling Caster Ivory



This ingenious product combines the mobility of a caster, the height adjustability of a level mount, and the stability of a foot pad. The GD Series leveling caster profile is integral to its function. A thick aluminum frame is used to achieve the combination of being both strong and compact.

The swivel section contains 2 sets of ball bearings for easy maneuverability. Bearing raceway sleeves made from hardened steel prevent scouring to the aluminum frame, leading to high performance and dependable reliability. Moving is easy thanks to a 50 mm diameter wheel mated with an axle shaft made of cold forged steel. And once positioned, the caster provides side access to an ABS thermoplastic thumbwheel used to lower the foot pad. As the wheel is lifted off the ground, the foot pad takes over to make the application completely stationary. Making the fine adjustments to achieve the perfect level set, even under heavy loads, is light work for this world renowned leveling caster. When it is time to move again, simply raise the foot pad to restore the freedom of mobility.

2" Footmaster Leveling Caster Ivory - 550lb cap

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