1LB Terpene Extractor


1LB Terpene Extractor

Skip the steam or solvents and produce solventless botanical terpenes using BVV's 1LB Terpene extractor. BVV's 1LB Terpene Extractor uses light heat combined with vacuum and dry ice condensing to distill terpenes directly from botanical biomass. Supplied with 2X Heating Jackets capable of 248F and a 1.5"x12" Open sleeved dry ice spool the 1lb Terpene Extractor allows you to apply light heat and extreme cooling to evaporate and condense delicate terpenes. Equipped with a 4CFM  Two Stage Vacuum Pump the BVV 1lb Terpene Extractor allows you to gently distill terpenes from biomass while continually monitoring vacuum levels directly from your smartphone using the Elitech Wireless Digital Vacuum Gauge. Once the terpene extraction is complete the extractor yields a terpene hydrosol mixture that must be allowed to thaw overnight prior to draining the solution into the included 250ml Separatory funnel where the terpenes can then be separated from the hydrosol layer. Once the separation is complete the terpenes can be stored in an air-tight container and the remaining biomass can be extracted using solvent-based methods to capture the remaining compounds.


How do I perform terpene extraction?

Simply pack your desired biomass in into the 3"x24" 1LB Material column and assemble the system tightening all supplied single-pin clamps. Once assembled load the condenser with dry ice. Allow the condenser to cool before turning on the vacuum pump and Digital Vacuum Gauge. Once vacuum levels stabilize record the achievable vacuum depth prior to applying heat. Now turn on the heat jackets and set them to your desired temperature, you can slowly increase the temperature over time or set the temperature between 100-160F right away. Once your desired temperature has been reached simply allow the system to run until vacuum levels peak and return near the initial achievable vacuum depth, which is usually within 4-6 hours. Now turn off the heat pads, close the butterfly valve on the system, turn off the vacuum pump, and allow the internal hydrosol/terpene solution to thaw overnight. Once the solution has thawed remove the material column's hemispherical reducer and pour the entire solution into the included 250ML Separatory funnel. Once the hydrosol and terpene layers have separated you can drain the hydrosol layer and collect the terpene fraction in an air-tight container.  

How do I know when my terpene extraction is done?

The best way to tell when your terpene extraction is done is to compare your current vacuum depth to the vacuum depth of your system prior to the application of heat. Once the system is no longer producing vapor vacuum depth will increase and equalize near the initial vacuum depth of the system prior to applying heat. During terpene extraction as heat is applied vacuum depth will decrease as more vapor is produced by the system. Eventually, vapor production will peak, and vacuum depth will begin increasing and will stabilize closer to your initial vacuum depth prior to applying heat, this is a good indication that no more vapor is being produced by the system and the extraction can be concluded. At this point in time, you can turn off your heat pads, close the vacuum valve and allow the system to thaw.

How much terpenes can I expect?

Depending on the biomass material you are extracting you can expect 0.5-2% yield. Fresher material with lower moisture content tends to produce the best yields.

What do I do with the biomass after extraction?

After the initial terpene extraction is complete, The material column can then be dismounted from the system and used for a solvent-based extraction of the remaining compounds using any of our 1lb Closed loop Extractors.


1LB Terpene Extractor

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