12" x 12" Hemi Lid with Coil V1


12" x 12" Hemi Lid with Coil V1

This 12" Hemi Lid has a built in coil that can be used with a heated circulator to assist with internal temperature control during the recovery process. By using this coil to directly heat the solution within the extractor base, you are able to increase recovery speeds over using a jacketed vessel alone. The coil will not touch the bottom of the base and overheat the oil after all the solvent has been removed. This hemi lid must be used with our 1200X12B for proper fitment. 

BVV™ 12" x 12" Hemi Lid with Coil V1 - Drawing295 Pdf Logo Illustrations & Clip Art - iStock

12" x 12" Hemi Lid with Coil V1

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SKU: 1200X12-HEL-COIL-V1


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