1.5 Gallon Cold Trap (2QT Tank) Dry Ice, Liquid Nitrogen


1.5 Gallon Cold Trap (2QT Tank) Dry Ice, Liquid Nitrogen

(Comes with 2 Year Limited warranty)


This is a complete cold trap and will come assembled for instant use. This cold trap is made of 304SS MADE IN USA, utilizing Polycarbonate lids for durability, flexibility and chemical resistance to Ethanol and Isopropyl (not compatible with Acetone).


This system is recommended to protect pump from condensable vapors.


This trap comes with an industrial grade, heat cured silicone gasket designed only for our systems. There is nothing of equal quality in the market. The gasket itself is reversible (doubling the life of our system guaranteed) allowing customers to instantly take it off and flip it over. No adhesives are used! The system will maintain a vacuum seal only under vacuum. The vacuum pump will hold the interior 2 quart container for your dry ice slurry in compression with the larger outer lid. The larger outer lid will be held in compression with 1.5 gallon outer container.


The connections on both sides are 1/4" MJIC flares or 1/4" Barbs that will connect to 1/4" HVAC or FJIC stainless steel hose. 


The center slurry container has a lid - this lid simply helps prevent evaporation of your slurry.


Temperature rated for -100-160F


This cold trap comes assembled and includes:

  •  (1) 1.5gl high strength stainless steel outer container (made of solid 304 stainless made in USA)
  • (1) 2q interior slurry container (made of solid 304 stainless made in USA)
  • (2) 1/2" thick clear polycarbonate lids
  • (2) industrial grade silicone gasket
  • (1) 1/4" HVAC hose 5'
  • Can withstand max working temps of 392F gasket only
  • 60A durometer density
  • (1) max vacuum -29.5inHg (+/-.5Hg)
  • (2) 1/4" MJIC or Barb Fittings


 Outside container internal dimensions: 7.25" diameter X 8.25" tall 


To help remove condensable vapors, or when liquid nitrogen traps are not practical, our cold trap is the best option for preventing vapors from getting into your vacuum pump and contaminating it. This 1.5 gallon trap uses polycarbonate lids for durability, flexibility, and chemical resistance. The system doesn’t use adhesives, and comes standard with a reversible gasket for enhanced quality that doubles its life.


Made in the USA, the BVV™ Cold Trap comes with all parts pre-assembled, so you can get to work straight out of the box.


Inside container internal dimension: 4.75" diameter by 6.5" tall

1.5 Gallon Cold Trap (2QT Tank) Dry Ice, Liquid Nitrogen

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