Neocision by BVV is our premium, professional grade equipment line.  All of our Neocision equipment is mindfully engineered to provide a dependable and efficient product.   Being this line is geared towards a working professional, all Neocision equipment carries necessary certification to meet state and local requirements.


Our Neocision oven line is ETL certified for use in labs requiring a NRTL certification for electrical equipment. These ovens feature 5 wall heating with ±1.0° temperature stability, stainless steel hardline piping, stainless steel interior, and 11 removable shelves. The Neocision line is built to last and comes with a 3 year warranty standard.

The Neocision Short Path Distillation kit is specifically designed for high throughput and deep vacuum. It features a Glas-Col heating and stir mantle, specially engineered distillation head, full bore glass on glass vacuum path, and a 21.2 cfm UL listed Neocision vacuum pump. All glass components are locally blown, meaning you can expect the highest quality.

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The Neocision Rotovap line is ETL certified for use in professional labs. They feature a PTFE lined bath for corrosion resistance and easy clean up. All clamps are hinged for easy removal and installation. The Neocision rotovap has a belt driven motor, which is separated from the solvent flow, keeping it cool and making it easy to work on. It has larger bore PTFE valves, which increases flow in both input and draining.

The Neocision Hydrocarbon extraction line is peer-reviewed to meet ASME, UL, NFPA 58, and state fire code. These units are engineered with production in mind, meaning you can expect high throughput of the highest quality product. Neocision extractors are designed to be both efficient and convenient to operate.

The Neocision vacuum pump line are UL listed, high powered rotary vane vacuum pumps. Known for their high degree of efficiency and deep ultimate vacuum, all Neocision pumps feature a dual-stage, chemical-resistant pump configuration designed to handle abusive, extended vacuum evacuations. Featuring an ultimate vacuum of 0.3 micron, the Neocision vacuum line is perfect for any application requiring deep, consistent vacuum.

The Neocision glassware line is engineered in house and made with quality in mind. Designed with extractions in mind, Neocision glass is the best way to add efficiency to your process. Through R/D time in the BVV lab, we have worked to fine tune the glassware so you don’t have to.

The Neocision Forced Air Oven is CSA/US certified for use in any lab that requires an NRTL certification in both Canada and the States. These polished stainless steel ovens are perfect for any dessication, sterilization, and research tasks. Suitable for a wide range of applications, the oven has a temperature range of room temp – 570°F.

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