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Building Vision and Variety (BVV)

Building Vision and Variety (BVV), formerly Best Value Vacs, traces its humble beginnings to 2013, with Adam and Jason Marosi manufacturing engine oil drain tools for VW/Audi. All of these products were made of silicone molds and cast resin. While extensively researching ways to produce better molds and tools with vacuum chambers, Adam was led to the conclusion that the market was in great need of more affordable and durable chambers. From this, Best Value Vacs was born.

BVV has since evolved from selling quality vacuum chambers on Amazon and eBay to providing consumers with a wider selection of equipment, tools, and consumables through its own website. Whether a large corporation or a startup company, shoppers can find the tools they need to build their solutions or find turnkey systems to streamline their processes. BVV aims to inspire the development of your business through precise tools, abundant resources, educational assistance, and customized support, guiding you along your journey to growth and innovation.

To better embody what we truly do, we dropped the name ‘Best Value Vacs’ in favor of a redefinition. We simply refer to ourselves as BVV, which now stands for Building Vision and Variety, a better representation of the union between product variety and viable, quality options for every type of customer.



LED Grow Lighting

We announced the launch of our own LED Grow Lighting line as our own venture in the hydroponics grow market. The Neocision Spectra product line consists of DLC-listed, ETL-certified and IP66 LED lights, and is available in both vegetative and full spectrum. Built with highly efficient drivers and easy-to-use features, the Neocision Spectra lights exceed most of the industry's top brands in performance and efficiency.

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Extraction Equipment

When deciding on extraction equipment, you need a processing power that delivers optimal extraction. BVV features only the highest standard of premium extractors and extractor products for seamless solvent recovery.

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BVV Vacuum Ovens


Utilized in industrial and laboratory settings, our drying ovens meet a variety of demands including dry sterilization, evaporation, temperature testing, and batch processing. Above all, our drying ovens distribute uniform heat for powerful processing.

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Filtration Systems and Tools

Refine your product of impurities and contaminants with the best filtration equipment and media. From traditional Büchner funnels to adsorbent media, BVV carries a variety of tools to help you purify your extract.

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Grow and Hydroponics Supplies

BVV offers an extensive collection of grow and hydroponics supplies, from environments to nutrients. We work with top brands of the industry to ensure you get the best quality and offer the best customer support to help you get what you need. 

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Distillation Equipment

All of our systems are built for botanical distillation at a wide range of capacities. Fractional distillation kits allow you to separate multiple compounds at their respective boiling points. Continuous feed distillation helps you separate your desired compound at a set temperature. Find both options at BVV!

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BVV rotary evaporators feature high efficiency valves and drain ports, and a single digital interface that is easy to control. Our rotary evaporators are a fraction of the price of more costly systems with the same functionality and evaporation efficiency.

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In an ever-growing industry, we put importance on knowing the ins, the outs, and the trends of botanical extraction and processing. BVV not only gives you the tools to improve your workflow and get results; we give you knowledge and guidance. Our Customer Support and Engineering teams can help you:

Find the right products

We learn about your knowledge level, goals, and constraints so we can direct you to the right equipment and tools for your business.

Troubleshoot BVV™-branded products

Our equipment is mindfully engineered to provide a dependable and efficient product — but we understand that some things don’t go as planned. We are here to help you navigate any obstacles you come across and set you on a path to success.

Learn how to run a system

To ensure you are using your system efficiently and safely, we can provide you with educational material and data to help you understand the theories behind the process. 



Before starting Best Value Vacs, Jason worked as an engineer at Ideal Industries while Adam worked at Lauterbach & Amen LLP as an associate auditor. During this time, Jason and Adam were also manufacturing and selling transmission and engine oil drain tools for VW/Audi. All of these products were made of silicone molds and cast resin.

best value vacs vacuum chambers


During this time, transmission drain tool sales hit an all-time high. The use of a vacuum chamber was required to remove air bubbles that compromised the mold and tools. Upon research and testing, no affordable and durable chambers existed in the market. This caused Adam to begin mass producing chambers in his parents basement after his auditing job. BVV was started on $2,500 worth of credit card debt. Late Spring of 2013, Adam began working on BVV full time and all of BVV sales were done on Amazon and eBay.

best value vacs early warehouse space


Early spring of 2014, Jason resigned from Ideal industries to work with BVV full time. Since BVV found some success selling on Amazon and eBay, they decided to lease their first 2000 sqft. facility. Soon after they expanded to 4000 sqft. At this point, they knew that they could keep expanding, so Jason built BVV's first website to help improve sales. This lead BVV to hire their first 6 employees and then they began attending tradeshows to help expand their brand in the industry.

best value vacs growing warehouse


BVV expanded their product catalog into steel parts, vacuum ovens, and vacuum pumps. At this point, wholesale customers became the primary focus. With the number of sales increasing, BVV quickly moved up from a 4,000 sqft. to a 12,500 sqft. workspace.

best value vacs storage


At this point in time, BVV was growing at an unprecedented rate. The new 12,500 sqft. office didn't last long before having to expand to the current 22,000 sqft. facility. BVV grew to 30 employees and also began their new product initiative to expand into scientific equipment such as rotary evaporators, chillers/heaters and short path distillation.

bvv showroom and lab


As of October 2020, BVV acquired the other half of the building they occupy, creating a 50,000 sqft. facility with onsite inventory, office space, an RnD laboratory, and a 2000 sqft. showroom featuring some of our top-selling products. Although our e-commerce website offers customers the convenience to shop online from the comforts of their homes, BVV customers are also welcome to visit our showroom so they can receive guidance on extraction processes and best practices. We’re expanding, we’re innovating and, as always, we’re Building Vision and Variety!

bvv office and showroom entrance


Through the years


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