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  • Sale -7% Harvest More Trim Bin, Black Harvest More

    Harvest More Trim Bin, Black

    The Trim Bin by Harvest-More features an ergonomic design that makes trim work more enjoyable and more efficient. The two-part system allows for versatility and efficient use of space. Like all products in the Harvest More line, the HM Trim Bin is made with quality materials and ingenuity. It’s long lasting, durable and portable. Turn any chair, couch or table into a comfortable work station! Trim Bin Features: 1 top bin with 150-micron interchangeable stainless-steel screen 1 bottom bin with mirror finish collection tray High molded walls keep your work contained 1 static brush by Harvest More to collect pollen Made from recycled polypropylene Easy to clean. Easy to carry Product dimensions 19” x 15.5” x 6” Made in California, USA


  • Sale -15% Measuring Cup, 1000 ml (1 liter) Hydrofarm

    Measuring Cup

    Sturdy, non-breakable food grade plastic cups with graduated metric markings and reinforced handle. Available in five convenient sizes.


  • Sale -6% Harvest More Trim Bin Filter Harvest More

    Harvest More Trim Bin Filter

    The Trim Bin Filter by Harvest More is the fastest way to trim and sort product. The Filter screen quickly separates trimmings and unwanted sizes into the attached collection bag while working. Use the Trim Bin Filter as a light weight stand alone work station, or stack it with the original Trim Bin for maximum processing efficiency.   Collection bag attaches to bin below screen to capture sorted materials Stackable with all Trim Bins: use all three to sort your work and collect pollen (sold separately) Each Trim Bin Filter includes one 16 x 17.5 inch collection bag Engineered and tested for optimal sorting Ultra lightweight workstation Easy to clean. Easy to carry Product dimensions: 20"W x 16"L x 8"H Made in California, USA


  • Hydrofarm Precision Curved Lightweight Titanium Pruner Hydrofarm

    Hydrofarm - Precision Curved Lightweight Titanium Pruner

    These lightweight anti-fatigue pruners are based on our immensely popular classic Hydrofarm pruners, favored by legions of horticulturists. Their surgical stainless steel blades offer serious cutting capacity in a lightweight package. These snips feature razor-sharp blades, perfectly balanced construction, and an ultra-lightweight, ergonomic design FEATURES: Super-sharp tapered blade tips for ultimate cutting precision Right or left handed use Titanium-coated surgical stainless steel blades hold a sharp edge longer Extra-long blade shanks Ergonomic design reduces stress to the hand Anti-slip soft gel handles Ultra-lightweight Safety lock


  • Sale -6% Harvest More 150 Micron Screen Harvest More

    Harvest More 150 Micron Screen

    Revive your Trim Bin with a fresh screen, the 150 micron replacement screen in the original Trim Bin screen. The 150 micron screen is a great option to repair damaged or old Trim Bin screens. Replace your original 150 micron screen  Screen comes with hardware so you can easily mount your new screen Screens are made of stainless mesh with a plastic coated aluminum frame


  • Sale -1% Hydrofarm Electronic Water Timer Hydrofarm

    Hydrofarm Electronic Water Timer

    The Hydrofarm Electronic Water Timer makes watering your plants a breeze. This single-station analog timer attaches directly to your garden hose and automatically controls sprinklers, drip systems or soaker systems. It features two simple dials that allow gardeners to set the frequency of watering from 1 hour to 1 week, and the run time from 1 minute to 2 hours. This timer is easy to use and requires no wiring. Just attach it to your hose, set it, and forget it. Easy to use Suitable for all garden watering systems No wiring required Set watering frequency from 1 hour to 1 week Run time can be set from 1 minute to 2 hours Battery powered (requires 2 AAA batteries—not included)


  • Sale -6% Metal Needle for 60CC Syringe Grodan

    Metal Needle for 60CC Syringe

    Used by the pros to take water samples deep inside a Grodan stonewool block or slab for better pH and EC analysis. Fits any standard Luer-Lock plastic syringe.


  • Sale -6% Cap for MegaGarden Active Aqua

    Cap for MegaGarden

    Replacement cap for the Megagarden system. This cap functions as a porthole cover that provides easy access into the Megagarden's reservoir for maintenance without having to remove the planters and insert grow tray.


  • Sale -2% International Measuring Beaker Hydrofarm

    International Measuring Beaker

    Cross references all values for easy measuring. Sturdy, easily readable, large capacity & ergonomic. Ideal for home, lawn, garden or kitchen. Dishwasher safe, permanent markings, high visibility, with a heavy base to reduce tipping. Measures teaspoons, tablespoons, ounces, and milliliters.