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  • Gas PTFE Tape

    Gas PTFE Tape

    Gas PTFE Tape       Yellow gas line PTFE Tape is used for hydrocarbon extraction systems and mandatory for any system with solvents. The PTFE tape is a thick threaded sealant that can be used on different plastic and metal pipes. This easy to use tape can be used to help prevent cross threading and form a leak proof seal. Suitable for lines carrying water, oil, gas, and propane. Pressure rating 10,000 PSI.  

    $5.50 - $7.00

  • 4" x 4" PTFE Sheets 100/pk

    4" x 4" PTFE Sheets 100/pk

    Virgin 4" x 4" x .07mm Thickness 100 pack of PTFE sheets are the perfect solution for dealing with essentials oils. Almost no oil residue will be lost while using these sheets because nothing is able to stick to them. The Virgin PTFE is non stick and non reactive to most chemicals and is food grade material making it ideal for extracted botanical oils and other substances. These PTFE sheets come in packs of 100 and custom sizes are available upon inquiry    



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