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  • Anden Dehumidifier, Movable, 130 Pints/Day Anden / Aprilaire

    Anden Dehumidifier, Movable, 130 Pints/Day

    Grow environments require high-capacity, specially-designed dehumidifiers to control humidity and protect crops. The Anden Model A130 delivers performance, capacity and reliability that is not available from the portable units sold via retail. With 130 pints per day removal capacity, integration with smart controls and a 5-year warranty, you can trust Anden to protect your crop.  The Model A130 can also be programmed to circulate air within a grow facility. Proper air flow carries moisture away from the plants, helping to prevent fungus, disease and plant pests from damaging the crop. Circulating the air also maximizes the application of CO2 in the grow facility. Optional Control – DH20076 (Model A76) Digital Dehumidifier Control • Dedicated monitoring and control of each dehumidifier at canopy height Optional Remote Monitors - DH18082 (Model 8082) Temperature/Humidity Sensor Module • Reports temperature and RH values back to the dehumidifier control module Optional Wi-Fi Thermostats – DH58840 (Model 8840), DH58830 (Model 8830), DH58820 (Model 8820) • Control and monitor climate conditions in your grow room 24/7/365 from anywhere Features: No assembly, plug and play Moveable with casters & built in handles for easy maneuvering Control: Built-in digital control with display Cabinet insulation: ½" EPS Filter Washable: MERV 8 Refrigerant: R410A Power cord length: 8' Discharge air temperature rise 10°F–30°F Drain connection: ¾" MNPT threaded Warranty: 5 years Designed Engineered & assembled in Wisconsin Removes up to 130 pints of moisture per day   Specs: Capacity: 130 PPD Energy Factor: 2.9 L/kW-h (6.1 pints/kWh) BTU/h: 9,375 Power (Watts): 900 Watts Voltage, phase, frequency: 120VAC, 1, 60 Hz Current draw: 8.3 Amps Noise: 60 dBA Dimensions: 12.5” W X 14.5” H (17” w/casters on) X 27.5 L Weight: 70 lbs Drain Connection: ¾” MNPT Threaded Filter: Disposable MERV 11 Refrigerant: R410A Coil Type: Aluminum Warranty: 5 Years on all parts including refrigeration system.   Included Items: Drain Fitting: ¾” MPT x ¾” barbed 10 ft. Drain tubing: ¾” ID Manual: Installation instructions & Owner’s manual