Pure Pressure Bruteless Base Flower Washing System


Pure Pressure Bruteless Base Flower Washing System



The Bruteless™ Base system is perfect for anyone looking to dramatically enhance their bubble Flower wash volume and quality. The Base system includes two Bruteless washing vessels: two 30 gallons; one to wash and one to drain into, as well as a wash paddle, a sight glass. This system also includes plenty of accessories to create a truly elite wash set up just about anywhere. Easily wash up to 5,000 grams per cycle with the 30 gallon Bruteless to make the best ice water flowers possible.



Note: stainless steel table pictured is not included.



Step up your game with the Bruteless Base system


Engineered for flower washer's needs

 The Bruteless Base flower washing system is the perfect upgrade for individuals and operations looking to improve their ice water flower production. Featuring two 30 gallon Bruteless vessels, operators can wash up to 5,000 fresh frozen grams or more per batch, or 5 dry lbs per day.



Food grade materials, built in North America 
Each Bruteless washing vessel is made with durable, food contact approved, sanitary welded stainless steel. This ensures cleaning is a breeze and enables users to keep their wash environment as clean as possible compared to plastic-based solutions. Bruteless vessels are proudly built in North America.



Industry leading features 
The primary Bruteless washing vessel includes an integrated stainless steel false bottom that protects your trichomes during the wash process, keeping your bags and ice 3" above your flowers. The integrated baffles in the false bottom create a turbulent-free zone at the bottom of the vessel to protect your trichomes. Both vessels come with a thick 1" cryogenic insulation sleeve which helps reduce ice usage by up to 50% and is removable for easy cleaning.



Ports and accessories galore

Each 30 gallon Bruteless vessel comes with 4 strategically placed ports so you customize your setup to your liking. Operators can use these ports to skim, fill, drain, attach hoses or a sight glass, and much more.



What's included with the Bruteless Base System Purchase:


(2x) 30 gallon Bruteless vessels (the drain 30 gallon vessel does not include a false bottom)

(4x) 1.5" ball valves

(2x) 1.5" 90 degree elbows

(1x) 1.5" sight glass

(1x) Bruteless temperature gauge

(1x) 4" straight piece

(1x) wash paddle with holes

(1x) 30 gallon triangular dolly

(1x) Bruteless complete 2 hose kit, and all the gaskets and clamps you need for assembly


Additional Information: 

PurePressure 2021/22 Flower Washing Brochure 

Bruteless Vessel Care Instructions 

User Manual 

Download Sanitary Tri-Clamp Gasket Declaration of Compliance 

Download Bruteless Wash Vessels Declaration of Compliance


Pure Pressure Bruteless Base Flower Washing System

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