This VIP ECO series of compact, ultra-low temperature (-86ºC) freezers are ideal for personal or individual clinical usage. The series makes use of a natural refrigerant, reducing environmental impact and delivering optimal storage in a compact footprint. 
Natural Refrigerants
Naturally occurring hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants have minimal effect on the environment and are compliant with environmental legislation for climate control. These refrigerants also provide efficient cooling without compromising performance, ambient tolerance, and recovery speeds following door openings. 

Organic EL Control Panel Includes USB Port
The control panel with organic EL display is positioned close to the top to help enhance ease of use. The enhanced visibility makes user operation simple and intuitive. A logging function is included, allowing users to save temperature/ alarm history data and transfer data using the USB port. 

Compact, Personal-Use Type Installs Anywhere
The external width of MDF-DC102VH-PA is 22" (558 mm), and MDF-DC202VH-PA width is 40.1" (1,018 mm). Compact configurations of each model offer installation flexibility whether placed in a room corner or right alongside a desk, making them ideal for dedicated use by individuals, small groups, and clinics. 

Energy Efficient Performance 
Natural refrigerants, compressors and integrated electronics combine to lower operating costs. Freezer operation is managed by effectively balancing temperature performance and energy management. 

Organic EL Offers Multiple  Display Options 
The control panel with organic EL display allows the user to conduct various operations, displaying control temperature, high / low temperature alarms as well as error messages.

Door Latch and Magnetic Gasket Combined 
Door operation is through magnetic gasket. This feature in combination with the door latch, ensures the door is firmly closed and prevents cold air leakage. 


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