LAUDA Integral IN 590 XTW Process thermostat 400 V; 3/PE; 50 Hz & 460 V; 3/PE; 60 Hz



LAUDA Integral IN 590 XTW Process thermostat


Temperature Control For Processing 


  • Process thermostat with integrated cooling system for dynamic temperature control within external circuits
  • Coloured TFT display for simultaneous indication of actual & set values and graphic illustration of the temperature profile
  • Clear text menu navigation, six selectable languages DE, EN, FR, ES, IT, RU
  • Management of heat transfer liquids with stored properties
  • Easy input via cursor and soft keys. Additional Tmax key for overtemperature protection
  • Self-Check Assistant for system diagnosis
  • Fully electronic continuous controller with PID action for internal & external control
  • Self adapt function for determination of control parameters
  • PowerAdapt system for the use of the maximum possible amount of heat permitted by the power supply system
  • Low-level and adjustable over-temperature protection with acoustic alarm for use with flammable and non-flammable liquids
  • Powerful LAUDA Variopump (pressure pump) with 8 selectable output levels or control of outflow pressure
  • USB and Ethernet interface equipped as standard
  • Port for external Pt100 integrated, second external Pt100 feasible via interface module
  • Remote fault indication through floating contact
  • Option for upgrading up to 2 additional interfaces (RS 232/485, Profibus, analogue, contact or EtherCAT module)
  • Integrated and adjustable bypass
  • Programmer with 150 temperature/time segments that can be separated into 5 programs
  • Digital display of pump pressure
  • Very small internal volume and big non-thermostated expansion vessel (cold fluid layer system)
  • Integrated web server for browser based operation in local area networks via PC, tablet or smart phone, secure data transfer due to authentication procedure and encryption
  • SmartCool system for energy-saving digital cooling management including compressor on-off control
  • Condenser cooling Water



Technical Features
Working temperature range -90 ... 220 °C
Ambient temperature range 5 ... 40 °C
Temperature stability 0.05 ± K
Heater power max. 8 kW
Power consumption max. 11 kW
Current max. 16 A
Pump Pressure max. 3,1 bar
Pump flow rate max. (pressure) 65 L/min
In / Outlet connection thread (outside) M30 x 1,5
Inlet/outlet hose size 3/4″
Filling volume min. 8 L
Filling volume max. 28.6 L
Water cooling connection thread (outside) 3/4 ″
Recommended cooling water temperature 15 °C
Cooling water flow rate 15.8 L/min
Recommended pressure difference cooling water 3 bar
Pressure difference cooling water min. 0.8 bar
Max. pressure difference cooling water 10 bar
Maximal pressure cooling water 10 bar
Overall dimensions (WxDxH) 760 x 650 x 1605 mm
Weight 279 kg
Noise level 64 dB(A)
Refrigerant stage 1 R-449A (GWP 1397); 1.500 kg; 2.1 t CO2-eq
Refrigerant stage 2 R-508B (GWP 13400); 1.200 kg; 16.1 t CO2-eq
Power supply 400 V; 3/PE; 50 Hz & 460 V; 3/PE; 60 Hz
Power plug Power cord with plug (IEC 60309, 5-pol, CEE, red, 16 A)

LAUDA Integral IN 590 XTW Process thermostat 400 V; 3/PE; 50 Hz & 460 V; 3/PE; 60 Hz

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    LAUDA Integral IN 590 XTW Process thermostat 400 V; 3/PE; 50 Hz & 460 V; 3/PE; 60 Hz Shop All Categories LAUDA 590 XTW

    LAUDA Integral IN 590 XTW Process thermostat 400 V; 3/PE; 50 Hz & 460 V; 3/PE; 60 Hz

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