Julabo FL300


Julabo FL300

The FL series of chillers for routine cooling applications for the laboratory and industry. The PID control provides a temperature stability of ±0.5°C. All units can be cleaned easily and have a water-proof keypad with LED temperature indication. All instruments include an RS232 interface and alarm shutdown on the front of the units. The filling port is easily accessible from the top under a lift-up cover. Another hinged tray serves as a file for the operating manual or other documents concerning the installation. The removable venting grid allows for easy cleaning of the condenser with the drain tap accessible behind the grid. All models include a visible level indication. Air-cooled units have venting slots are on the front and rear enabling installation next to a wall or another apparatus (space saving).



Shipping Weight 158.4 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 24 x 32 x 40 in
Order No. 9660003
Model Series FL Series
Working Temperature Range (°C) -20° to +40°
Temperature Stability (°C) ±0.05
Temperature Control PID temperature control
Display Resolution 0.01 °C
Temperature Display LED
Cooling Capacity 0.1 kW @ -20 °C, 0.15 kW @ -10
°C, 0.2 kW @ 0 °C, 0.3 kW @ 20 °C
Pump capacity Flow Rate (l/min) 15
Pump Capacity Flow Pressure (psi) 5.08
Pump Connections M16x1
Filling Volume Liters 3...4.5
Barbed fittings diameter (inner dia. / mm) 8/12
Refrigerant R134a
Digital Interface RS232, Optional Profibus
Ambient Temperature 5…40 °C
Noise Level (dBA) 55
Classification Classification III (FL)according to DIN 12876-1
Included with 2 barbed fittings for tubing 3/4" inner dia. (pump connections G3/4"male)
Cooling of Compressor Air
Power requirement V / Hz / A 115/60/6
Cooling capacity °C 20kW (@ 20°C), 15kW (@ 10°C), 10kW (@ 0°C), 6kW (@ -10°C), 2.5kW (@ -20°C)
Alarm Signal acoustically & optical
Temperature Selection / Display °C
Volumetric Capacity Liters 3...4.5
Outer dimensions W x L x H inch 9.8 x 19.7 x 23.6
Available Voltage Versions 100 V / 50-60 Hz, 115 V / 60 Hz,
230 V / 50 Hz, 230 V / 60 Hz
Other Characteristics Removable venting grid for convenient cleaning to maintain cooling performance.
Characteristics / Display Easy to read: Large LED temperature display for actual value and setpoint(resolution 0.1 °C)
Characteristics / Operation Simple and fast : Convenient 3-key setpoint adjustment (FLmodels)
Characteristics / Temperature Control Precise: PID Temperature control with set control parameters, temperature stability ±0.02…±0.2 °C
Characteristics / Refrigeration Technology Consistent cooling capacity: Easily removable venting gridfor quick and easy cleaning
Characteristics / Technical Features Serial connection: RS232 interface for PC connection, e.g. data communication and recording of measured values

Julabo FL300

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SKU: 9660003


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