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BVV Announces Launch of Neocision Spectra LED Grow Lights

Nov 09, 2023 BVV Team

BVV Announces Launch of Proprietary LED Lighting Line -  Expands Penetration in Hydroponics Grow Market

LED Grow Light Design In A Cultivation Facility

Nov 09, 2023 BVV Team

How can you compare all the new LED grow lights on the market today? How can you separate facts on LED lighting efficacy from unsupported marketing claims? Here are a few things we recommend.

How Spectral Light Quality Impacts Plant Growth

Nov 09, 2023 BVV Team

What is the best light-emitting diodes (LED) grow light for growers? Before you start your search for the right light fixture, it is important to understand what plants need from the light fixture you choose.

Measuring Performance of Horticultural Lighting Systems

Nov 09, 2023 BVV Team

In this article, we give growers an overview of the key metrics that should be used when comparing the performance of LED grow lights. 

Silica Gels Role In Color Remediation & Extract purification

Aug 08, 2023 Avery Benitez

When it comes to extract potency and purity, consumers prioritize nothing less than the best. Among the most valuable tools in extract purification, adsorbent filtration takes the spotlight, with silica gel being a powerful tool in creating the highest purity extracts possible. Silica gel, known for its versatility as an adsorption medium, has become a vital ally in achieving enhanced extract quality. In this article, we delve into the exceptional capabilities of silica gel, which enables the removal of unwanted compounds such as soaps, metals, and phospholipids, resulting in extracts of unmatched quality. Discover how silica gel revolutionizes the extraction process, yielding extracts that meet the highest standards of potency and purity.

Meeting the Standard: How We Built the BVV 2-and-4CYL for Safety

Jan 13, 2022 BVV Team

At BVV, we believe that safety is paramount to a successful botanical extraction business. In a previous article, we wrote about the basics of Current Good Manufacturing Processes and following Standard Operating Procedures and their importance in manufacturing safe, pure, and consistent end-products. We’ve also shared Best Practices for a Safe Processing Lab. With this article, we explain how we designed the BVV Butane Recovery Pumps to adhere to safety standards.

The Basics of Manufacturing Processes

Sep 15, 2021 Avery Benitez

In this article, we will define some of the more important principles of manufacturing a product to maintain a level of repeatability and traceability based on Current Good Manufacturing Practices. 

What Are Terpenes?

Sep 07, 2021 Avery Benitez

Terpenes are a group of naturally occurring volatile compounds that are produced by animals and plants alike. While terpenes may be a topic you may be unfamiliar with–surprise!–they are all around you.