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Learning About Hydroponics: Air Pumps, Water Pumps, and Reservoir Heaters

When it comes to hydroponics, some of the most important parts of the system are the water, air pumps, and reservoir heaters. The water and air pumps ensure that plants get the nutrients and oxygen needed to grow and thrive. The reservoir heater is also crucial to regulating the water temperature. Water that is too cold on the roots may shock the plant, make the nutrient uptake hard to accomplish, and stunt the plant’s growth. Curious as to how the hydroponic system works? Here are the different hydroponic parts for the system.

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Hydroponic Systems: 6 Types & What's Right For You

Hydroponics can be overwhelming with the amount of choices available for the various grow systems on the market. If you don’t know where to start, we are here to help.

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Grow Media

Hydroponics, like other types of growing, needs a media for the plant to be in. There are various kinds of media you can use in hydroponics, some of them include: hydroton, coco coir, perlite, and soilless mix. These medias are great for plant growth and holding in water.

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Erin Williams

Customers service here is awesome. If any issues are brought up they resolve it in a professional manner!

Hannah L.

A+ Seller extremely fast shipping ordered and received the next day.

Arla Mills

Good quality equipment excellent customer service! I had purchased a rosin press from my local hydro shop, not knowing the item was discontinued. About four months into having it the pressure arm broke off. I called customer service and they sent me a knew one no questions asked and like I said the item was discontinued so highly recommend at bare minimum excellent customer service

Mikhail Tuberson

I've been getting my solvents and butane from here for the past few years and they always have the best prices! Great customer service and fast shipping!


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