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  • BVV™ Premium Vacuum Pump Oil Shop All Categories BVV

    BVV™ Premium Vacuum Pump Oil

    BVV™ Premium Vacuum Pump Oil For Maximum performance and pump efficiency, change the oil after every evacuation. After evacuation, oil contains contaminants which limit pump efficiency. Premium vacuum pump oil can be used in any vacuum pump to maintain and prolong the life of the pump. Drain immediately after evacuation while pump is warm. Slowly add oil to top of "oil level" line. If oil is to low, you will hear the exhaust baffle chatter. If oil level is too high, excess oil will be blown out of the exhaust. Non detergent-Extra Pure-Hydroprocessed-ISO 400   BVV™ Premium Vacuum Pump Oil Safety Data Sheet .PDF

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  • Inland 19 Vacuum Pump Oil Shop All Categories Inland Vacuum 1 Quart and 1 gallon

    Inland 19 Vacuum Pump Oil

    Inland 19 Vacuum Pump Oil Inland 19 is Inland Vacuum’s recommended general-purpose hydrocarbon fluid for mechanical vacuum pumps used in non-corrosive applications. The manufacturing process of Inland 19 includes molecular distillation, which removes light end fractions present in the fluid and gives it the desired properties: lower vapor pressures, reduced backstreaming, and longer fluid life. As a result, it can be used within the same applications as more expensive diffusion pump oils which would otherwise be contaminated by a vacuum oil of lower grade.A durable, long-lasting mechanical pump fluid, Inland 19 is cost-effective in vacuum applications such as mass spectrometers, electron microscopes, thin-film sputtering, UHV systems, and freeze dry systems. Proper use of this oil effects reduced maintenance costs, improved pumping cycles, and a cleaner vacuum system. Inland 19 MSDS Properties: Molecularly distilled Reduced backstreaming Increased fluid life Low vapor pressure Areas of Application: Mass spectrometry Electron microscopy Thin film sputtering UHV systems Freeze dry systems Other non-corrosive general applications Specifications Inland 19 Vapor Pressure at 25ºC (torr) 1x10-5 Boiling Point at .01 torr (ºC) 112 Viscosity at 40ºC (cSt) 55 Pour Point (ºC) -15 Flash Point (ºC) 213 Fire Point (ºC) 244 Density at 25ºC (g/ml) 0.87

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  • Inland 19 ULTRA® Semi-Synthetic Vacuum Pump Oil Shop All Categories Inland Vacuum 1 Quart

    Inland 19 ULTRA® Semi-Synthetic Vacuum Pump Oil

    Inland 19 ULTRA® Semi-Synthetic Vacuum Pump Oil Disclaimer: Spigots/Faucets are only compatible with 5 Gallon Jugs and must be purchased separately Inland ULTRA® products are semi-synthetic hydrocarbon fluids designed to endure thermal and chemical stresses much better than standard vacuum pump fluids. The ultra-refined process eliminates nitrogen, sulfur, oxygen, and aromatic hydrocarbons, leaving a clear base stock virtually free of impurities. The additive package will not volatize under thermal stress; the antioxidant will stay in solution and bond up to four times as many radicals as other antioxidants, extending the life of the pump and the fluid. Inland 19 ULTRA® MSDS Properties: Good Thermal Stability Oxidation Resistant Hydrotreated Low Vapor Pressure Long Fluid Life Areas of Application: Mass Spectrometry Electron Microscopy thin Film Sputtering Vacuum Distillation and impregnation UHV Surface Analysis Vacuum Furnaces and Heat Treatment EB Welding Vacuum Tube Evacuation Vacuum Metalization Chemical Pumping   Specification Inland 19 ULTRA Vapor Pressure at 25ºC (torr) <1x10-6 Boiling Point at .01 torr (ºC) 166 Viscosity at 40ºC (cSt) 55 Pour Point (ºC) -10 Flash Point (ºC) 247 Fire Point (ºC) Density at 25ºC (g/ml) 0.86 Color clear    

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  • Mobil Vacuum Pump Oil SAE Grade 20, ISO Viscosity Grade 68 New Products Mobil

    Mobil Vacuum Pump Oil SAE Grade 20, ISO Viscosity Grade 68 (Mist Free)

    BVV's Top Recommended Vacuum Pump Oil Ultra long Service Life! Mobil Vacuum™ Pump Oil is a special lubricant that is designed to be used for the lubrication of critical vacuum pumps.  It has a very low vapor pressure and can be used when extremely high vacuum is required. It provides excellent wear and corrosion protection for vacuum pump components and will give the following benefits in service: Long lubrication life No viscosity change in use No odor or vapor generated Wide use temperature range Pulls vacuum down to 1micron or less (*BVV internal testing) SAE Grade 20, ISO Viscosity Grade 68 Safety Data Sheet  Product Data Sheet BVV's Testimonial: "Mobil Vacuum Pump Oil has an insane service life and at BVV we have migrated over to Mobile for all of our laboratory pump applications.  We use Mobil oil for Edwards, Welch, and the BVV Pro Series pumps.  From vacuum purging and distillation we know we need good oil to get low vacuum and the fact that we can run continually for months on the same oil is amazing.  This oil has led to less pump rebuilds and extended service life of our in house pumps used in our labs.  Overall Mobil is the most reliable oil we have ever used at BVV." Water vapor is a common contaminant in vacuum systems and tends to condense inside the pumps.  Mobil Vacuum Pump Oil has good demulsibility (Ability to separate oil from water) Which aids water removal and prevents its return to metal surfaces to cause rust and corrosion.   This oil has a high degree of chemical stability enabling it to resist oxidation and the subsequent formation of sludge and deposits, an essential characteristic in all cases where continuous service is involved. This enables the oil to retain its original properties such as viscosity and demulsibility and so to prolong oil service life.  

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