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Powerful Powders on BVV™

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Silica & Bentonite Filtration Powders

In a competitive industry, nothing is more important than refining the quality and safety of your final product for the consumer. We at BVV™ have expanded our line of high-quality and FDA-GRAS* post-processing powders to help you get the end product that you want.

Post processing powders are commonly used to filter an extracted product, removing a variety of substances such as pesticides, pigments, and heavy metals. Furthermore, filtration with powders can help you maintain the integrity of cannabinoids and terpenes by removing unstable elements like chlorophyll and wax. Certain powders have specific roles and are used to target different substances. Combining proper filtration techniques and tools makes the difference in appearance, taste, and smell – it can set apart a clear, honey extract from a cloudy product. 

In a previous article about post processing powders, we covered Mag-Sil Absorbant, Clay Bleach Mineral, Celite 545 Diatomaceous Earth, and Activated Charcoal. With this blog, we discuss the benefits of using Chromatography Silica Gel and varieties of Bentonite in your filtration process.

Chromatography Silica Gel 60A 30-200μm

Silica gel consists of a granular, porous form of silicon dioxide synthetically made from sodium silicate. Due to its surface area and polarity, Silica Gel is a great adsorbent for purification and remediation of pigments, as well as separation of constituents. Used with a column and solvent, silica gel will help you with the cleanup and removal of key contaminants, such as Heavy Metals (Chromium or Copper) and Pesticides found in soil. Silica Gel can be used within Flash Chromatography or Color Remediation Chromatography, depending on your operation.

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Pure-Flo® B80 Natural Bentonite

Instead of removing oil contaminants with harsh chemical additives, our Natural Bentonite Clay B80 uses the clay's inherent properties to purify the targeted oil. This means that naturally active B80 poses no threat of mineral acid carryover in any finished oil products while significantly reducing red coloring and adsorbing chlorophyll.

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Pure-Flo® B81 Natural Bentonite

Pure-Flo® B81 is improved performance at the best value. Excellent for oils with moderate color and chlorophyll levels. The Supreme B81 adsorbent has been activated using a proprietary Surface Modification Technology (SMT) - raw material is intergrown with Hormite and Smectite minerals which have unique adsorption and filtration characteristics. Combined with the natural qualities of these minerals, an active, fast-filtering product is made.

Like the B80, it has excellent metal adsorption characteristics, but also removes color bodies from a variety of oils and effectively eliminates chlorophyll from vegetable oils. It also removes soaps and phospholipids while minimizing free fatty acid rise during bleaching. Outstanding filtration characteristics, including long filtration cycles and less pressure build-up at cycle end.

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Pure-Flo® Perform 6000 Highly Activated Bleaching & Decolorizing Bentonite

Pure-Flo® Perform 6000 is a highly activated bentonite clay that is used to purify extremely difficult to bleach oils with the most challenging levels of chlorophyll and color bodies. It removes phospholipids and is excellent at adsorbing metals including P, Ca, Fe, Mg and more. The high performing filter aid is a top chlorophyll removal in its class and significantly reduces red color. 

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