XL Refinement Filter


XL Refinement Filter




The BVV™ XL Refinement Filter is a stainless steel filtration system that provides industrial scale, high flow filtering, with greatly improved functionality compared to a traditional Buchner filter. Utilizing a collection base for vacuum assistance and storage of material, the XL Refinement Filter allows for industrial filtration with a longer lifespan and ease of use.

Key Features:

    • Stainless steel design for greater thermal conductivity and improved lifespan

    • Easy to clean and disassemble with Tri-Clamp stainless steel parts

    • Mobile Rack mounted with wide mouth design
    • **Rack #2 option has extra space to mount additional filters or heat exchangers

    • Secondary collection vessel for vacuum and storage of material

    • Liquid dip tube for direct injection into rotary evaporator after filling

Key Specifications:

    • Large 12" Diameter x 24" Long Fully Jacketed Column

    • Massive 20LB (23.5 Gallons / 89 Liters) Fully Jacketed Collection Base

    • 5 micron Sintered Stainless Steel Filter Disc

    • 100 Pack of Qualitative Cellulose Filter Paper

    • Dedicated 3/8" Vacuum Valve

    • Dedicated 3/8" Dip Tube Valve

    • Silicone gaskets with high alcohol resistance

    • 3/8" Stainless steel hose barb connections

    • Polycarbonate sights for easy viewing

    • Jacketed Filter for temperature stability

Quick Start Operation Instructions:

    • Before beginning filtration, pre-chill refinement filter for best thermal conductivity

    • Secure ashless filter paper with compression ring

    • connect tubing from refinement filter to a vacuum pump

    • Attach vacuum system to the dedicated vacuum valve

    • Begin to pour solution into filter

    • Close dedicated dip tube valve and start vacuum

    • Once solution has been completely filtered, stop vacuum system and disconnect from dedicated vacuum valve

    • Connect dedicated dip tube valve to injection valve on rotovap

    • Begin rotovap procedure

    • Open dedicated dip tube valve and begin injecting filtered solution into rotovap

XL Refinement Filter

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