Welch DUOSEAL Two Stage - Refrigeration 1402B-46


Welch DUOSEAL Two Stage - Refrigeration

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Product Details:

  • 115V, 60Hz, 1 Ph with N.Amer, 115V Plug
  • Deep vacuum for fast evacuation and dehydration
  • Durable pump, precision machined
  • Gas ballast for high vapor loads.

Rugged DuoSeal belt-drive vacuum pumps enable fast, thorough evacuation of refrigeration systems. Features high flow and deep vacuum with low pump RPM and large oil reservoirs for extended life and reduced maintenance. Includes handles for enable positioning.



Model Number 1402B-46
Applications Service Lithium Bromide absorption chillers to 500 -700 tons, fluorcarbon or ammonia chillers to 100 to 200 tons
Type DUOSEAL Two Stage - Refrigeration
Free Air Displacement m3/hr (l/min.) @50Hz 5.6
Ultimate Pressure 160
Maximum Vacuum 1 x 10-4 (1.3 x 10-4)
Oil Capacity 525
Motor Horsepower (watts) 2.25
Adjustable Vac. / Gas Ballast Yes
Tubing Needed 13/16" ID Hose or 3/4" Flare Fitting
Intake Thread NPT 1-20
ISO Exhaust / Intake Flange 1-20
Overall Dimensions LxWxH in.  20" x 12" x 15"
Ship Weight 128(58)

Welch DUOSEAL Two Stage - Refrigeration 1402B-46

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