Welch BTpro100


Welch BTpro100


Welch’s BTpro vacuum pump series has a flow and vacuum level to provide fast performance for your size of rotary evaporator, glass reactor, purge oven, or winterization filtration apparatus.

These chemical duty PTFE diaphragm pumps are oil-free. The pumping action and deep vacuum comes from the movement of PTFE diaphragms within PTFE heads. All wetted services in the flow path are made of fluoroplastic making the BTpro pump highly chemically resistant. As a result, the BTpro vacuum pump series is near-zero maintenance. A cold trap placed in-line with BTpro pump is needed if terpenes are part of the flow path.



Model BTpro100
Free Air Displacement@60Hz,
Ultimate Vacuum Pressure, Torr 6
Maximum Vacuum, in. Hg 29.7
Horsepower, HP (watts) 0.5(390)
Built-in adjustable vacuum -
Gas Ballast Yes
Head Material PTFE
Diaphragm PTFE
Inlet/outlet Connection

NW16 flange1

Agency (National Recognized Lab) cUL
Weight, lbs (kg) 40.3(18.3)
Overall Dimensions

LxWxH in.(cm)

Shipping Weight, lbs(kg) 48.5 (22)
Shipping Carton Dimensions

LxWxH in.(cm)


Welch BTpro100

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