Water Circulation Vacuum Pump


Water Circulation Vacuum Pump

This Circulation and Vacuum Pump combines the best of both worlds by using the circulating water to pull a vacuum which requires no oil at all and has very low maintenance requirements overall due to this unique process and design. Each vacuum port on the unit pulls vacuum separately from one another so the user can use it for different applications at the same time or combined to increase the vacuum. This pump will also circulate water through the backports as needed to cool and application and dissipate heat as needed.

Vacuum Degree 0.0980Mpa (735 Torr) @ 25°C
Single Tap Exhaustion 10L/min
Voltage 110V / 50Hz USA Plug
Noise <50DB



Number of Vacuum ports: 2qty (independent vacuum po
Vacuum Port Size: 3/8"
Vacuum Depth: 16 torr
Number or Water Circulation inlet: 1qty
Number or Water Circulation Outlet: 1qty
Pumping Speed: 6.5 L/min
Reservoir Capacity: 12L
Overall Dimensions: 15.5" x 11.5" x 17"
Decibel: 62 dB
Weight (no water): 17lbs 10oz

Water Circulation Vacuum Pump

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