Premium Wood Stabilizer (Superior to Cactus Juice)


Premium Wood Stabilizer 

Disclaimer: This product is intended for stabilization of wood products and is not intended for human consumption.

Note: This product is compatible with Cactus Juice and can be blended.

Precautionary Statement: Store at temperatures not exceeding 20°C /68°F


BVV Premium Wood Stabilizer is the first heat-curing methacrylate stabilizer developed specifically to satisfy the needs of discriminating woodworkers Previous thermocuring wood stabilizers are actually products developed many years ago for the automotive industry, with properties suited for engine block sealing, not wood stabilization. Characteristics like cloudiness, off-color tint, hardness, fluorescence, and retail availability are of little importance to an engine or transmission manufacturer. However, to a serious woodworker, these characteristics are of utmost importance in guaranteeing the quality of a finished product. Premium Wood Stabilizer cures crystal clear to a tough, hard finish, without the use of fluorescent markers and with low bleed-out. As a result, you’ll see the excellent turning, sanding, polishing, and aesthetic properties you expect. Premium Wood Stabilizer was developed by an international laboratory. Premium Wood Stabilizer works in most vacuum stabilization systems, is easy to use, requires little technical support, and is suitable for use with many water, alcohol, and oil-soluble dyes.

Premium Wood Stabilizer is a pre-catalyzed blend of methacrylate esters that, when exposed to heat, will polymerize to a hard, clear finish that can be easily sanded and polished to a brilliant finish. Prior to first use or after an extended period of storage, entire contents should be de-gassed by subjecting contents to a vacuum of at least 25 inches of mercury for 30 minutes. Premium Wood Stabilizer will cure when exposed to 194°F (90°C) for at least 10 minutes. Therefore the time required to completely cure a stabilized blank will depend on factors such as wood thickness and density. The manufacturer makes no guarantee or warranty that Premium Wood Stabilizer is compatible with all dyes and stains and will not be liable for any loss due to incompatibility. It is recommended to test compatibility on a small sample first to reduce the risk of loss of wood or stabilizer.

Key Benefits:

  • Cures crystal clear to a tough, hard finish without the use of fluorescent markers and with low bleed-out
  • Easy to use application

Liquid Phase:

Appearance Clear liquid

Viscosity 20° C, Sec/t. Zahn: *(32-34s)

Florescent dye added: No

Drag Out g/m3: 33

Shelf life: 12 Months when stored properly

Odor: Mild

Specific Gravity @ 20°C: *(1.006-1.013)

Surface tension: 32 dyne/cm

Vapor pressure: <1 mm Hg

Catalyzation Method: Mix upon use w/ supplied catalyst

Gel Time: 2-5 minutes

Relative absorption: 36%

* Under recommended operating and storage conditions

Cured Phase:

Cure shrinkage: 13.2%

Adhesive strength: 56 N/cm2

Pressure resistance: >12,000 psi

Co-efficient/lln/exp: 0.000117 per °C

Swelling H20/96hrs: 10.5 %

Temperature range: -50/+200° C


Store Premium Wood Stabilizer in a cool dry location below 68° F (20° C), refrigeration preferred. Store in original container or in HDPE. Do not store in copper or its alloys, mild steel, or tin.

Premium Wood Stabilizer (Superior to Cactus Juice)

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