Table Top Cart Filler XL 6 Liter


Table Top Cart Filler XL 6 Liter

Fill 6000 1ml Carts per Load

This 6 Liter capacity Giant is made to fill.  Fully jacketed 304SS with a design that allows the OIL inside to fully drain creating little to no loss.  The system is made of all parts that can be sterilized.  The body, valves and all connections are 304 Stainless Steel and the hosing is PTFE.

The body of the vessel is fully jacked and is recommended to be run with stand alone heater to pre-heat the oil.  The hose is heated and insulated.  The hose temperature is controlled by an Digital PID.  The hose and PID controller are precision made in the USA.  The hose uses Platinum Thermocouples for durability and accuracy, which means you wont run into down time or temperature errors.  

To use the system you will need Nitrogen to back pressure the oil in the tank.  The pressure is regulated by a low pressure regulator.  To dispense the end of the hose has a toggle valve that connects to a Lure Lock connection.  

System Specs. 

  • Nitrogen Input MAX Pressure: 150PSI
  • Regulator working pressure: 0.5-30PSI (*recommended pressure 10PSI)
  • Hose Temperature Rating: 50°F - 450°F
  • Digital* Controller Temperature Range: 50°F -450°
  • Includes Right Angle Attachment for added user flexibility.
  • Non-Metered Dispensing with toggle valve control.
  • Pressure gauge for pressure monitoring: 0-150PSI


  • NOTE: Please Clean Prior to first use the system does not come sterilized.  A simple IPA wash down will be sufficient. 

At any point the system can be cleaned using IPA or D-limonene. 

 *The controller has  been updated to a Digital PID controller to replace the photographed analog style rotary dial.  

Table Top Cart Filler XL 6 Liter

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