Polycarbonate Tri-Clamp Sight Glass - Made in USA


Polycarbonate Tri-Clamp/ Tri Clover Sight Glass

Polycarbonate Tri-Clamp sight glasses are a great and cost effective way to add viewing ports to your system. These sight glasses are 1 piece CNC machined out of 0.25" thick sheets of polycarbonate and rated up to 250, 225, and 175 PSI for 1.5", 2", and 3" Tri-Clamp sizes. These sight glasses come with a protective film of plastic over the viewing area to protect it from being damaged during shipping and testing the customer will need to remove this upon usage.

***Note: Gasket and Clamp sold seperately.


Material Polycarbonate
Window Diameter:
1.5" 1-1/4"
2" 1-3/4"
3" 2-3/4"
Maximum PSI @70F:
1.5" 250
2" 225
3" 175



Polycarbonate Tri-Clamp Sight Glass - Made in USA

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