Nitrogen Pressure Filter


Nitrogen Pressure Filter


Is vacuum filtration bottlenecking your processing? Filter faster with BVV's Nitrogen assisted pressure filters.  Designed for versatility our prebuilt pressure filters come complete with our 1 micron Filter Plate with Built-In Sintered disk for ultra-fine filtration. Process continuous or batch-style solutions in half the time compared to most vacuum filtration applications.


  • 6"x12" or 12"x12" filtration body 
  • 1um  Filter plate with Built-in Sintered disk (12NPS comes with a 12" Dutch Weave Sintered Disc)
  • Filter Plate Retention Ring
  • Fast Flow Filter paper Included
  • Solvent dispersal plate
  • 2X Borosilicate Sight Glasses
  • 1X 125 PSI ASME Safety Valves
  • 1X -30hg-250PSI Compound Pressure Gauges
  • 1X 1/2" JIC Lid Valve
  • 2X 1/4" JIC Lid Valves
  • 1X JIC Drain Valve (6NPS: 1/4" 12NPS: 1/2" JIC)
  • Maximum Pressure Rating: 125PSI

    Nitrogen Pressure Filter

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