Synder NFS Membrane


Synder NFS Membrane

With a pore size ranging between 0.1-10nm, Synder Filtration's nanofiltration membranes enable the passage of water and certain salts through the membrane while effectively retaining multivalent ions, low molecular weight molecules, sugars, proteins, and various organic compounds. A result of extensive research and development, Synder's NFS, NFX, NFW, and NFG nanofiltration membrane products have demonstrated exceptional resistance to fouling, a high level of selectivity, and the physical durability necessary for diverse industrial separation processes.

Specifically, NFS, NFX, and NFW exhibit outstanding rejection of MgSO4 and lactose, while NFG is designed to partially remove monosaccharides from oligosaccharides. These nanofiltration membranes, as a whole, have the capacity to significantly reduce levels of hardness, nitrates, sulfates, tannins, turbidity, color, total dissolved solids (TDS), and moderate levels of salt from feed water streams. The proven performance of Synder's nanofiltration membranes makes them well-suited for a broad spectrum of industrial applications including the desolvation of ethanol from botanical extract solutions. BVV utilizes 4X NFS 2540 Membranes inside our Nanofiltration Skid to recovery ethanol at 30 Gallons per hour.



  • Polymer: Proprietary PA TFC
  • Approx. Molecular Weight Cutoff: 100-250 DA
  • Typical Operating Flux 30-40 GFD
  • Average Lactose Rejection: 99.5%
  • Average MgSO4 Rejection: 99.5%
  • Average NaCl Rejection: 50%
  • Maximum Operating Pessure <95F/35C: 600PSI/41.4 Bar
  • Maximum Operating Pressure >95F/35C: 435PSI/30 Bar
  • Maximum Pressure Drop per Element: 15PSI/1.0 Bar
  • Maximum Pressure Drop per hosing: 60PSI/4.1 Bar
  • Maximum continuous Operation Temperature: 122F/50C
  • Maximum CIP Temperature: 104F/40C
  • Maximum Temperature Operating pH Range: 3-9.5
  • Ambient Temperature Operating pH Range: 3-10.5
  • Maximum Temperature Cleaning pH Range: 2-11
  • Ambient Temperature Cleaning pH Range: 2-11


Synder NFS Membrane

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