Molecular Sieve Beads Type 13X (a.k.a. 10A)


Molecular Sieve Beads Type 13X 

13X molecular sieve is a multiple purpose, highly porous, high capacity alkali metal alumino-silicate in the spherical form. It is the sodium form of the Type X crystal structure with pore diameters of approximately 10A. It can adsorb all molecules that can be adsorbed by 3A, 4A, and 5A molecular sieve. Type 13X molecular sieve can also adsorb molecules such as aromatics and branched-chain hydrocarbons, which have large critical diameters.

Handling & Storage Recommendations:

Store in a dry location to prevent unintentional water adsorption. Reseal packages after opening to prevent contamination and unintentional water adsorption. We recommend that you rotate stock so oldest material is used first. Please read the safety data sheet to ensure proper handling and always wear personal protection equipment when handling molecular sieve.

Product Data and Safety Information:

Molecular Sieve 13X Technical Data Sheet

Molecular Sieve 13X Safety Data Sheet

  • Note: 20lb size comes as set of 2x 10lb containers. 

Molecular Sieve Beads Type 13X (a.k.a. 10A)

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