METAGLAS® Tri-Clamp Sight Glass


METAGLAS Tri-Clamp/ Tri Clover Sight Glass


***NOTICE TO CUSTOMER: ONLY CONTAINS 1 SIGHT GLASS. Please increase quantity if you want more.***

The strongest, most secure sight glass available, Metaglas mechanically prestressed windows, are available in a sanitary clamp design, MetaClamp, for ports and light ports in processing applications or inline visual flow indicators.

Application: Sanitary MetaClamps to fit sanitary clamp connections. With simple and fast installation with no risk of breakage, this sleek, compact, one-piece design provides a cleaner look, less bateria traps and unsurpassed safety. The MetaClamp sight glass can be used as a view port mounted on a ferrule, a “cross” for inline visual flow indication or as a light port. Many other connection types are also available, as shown on the reverse side. Materials available include 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel, Hastelloy®, Monel® and Inconel®.

Approvals and Technical Data:

- USP Class VI (tested to confirm biocompatibility)

- BPE Compliant and TÜV Approved

- Sight glass fused to metal conforming to DIN7079

- Borosilicate glass to USP Type I and DIN7080

- Standard surface finish of 10 Ra µ-in (0.25µm)

- Material to ASTM/ASME, TÜV and DIN/EN standards

- Certificate of Conformity to EN 10204-3.1B or 3.1A

- Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EG

How Metaglas® Works: Metaglas provides a level of safety and a useful service life, well beyond that provided by conventional tempered glass or plastic used as sight glass windows. Even in the most extreme temperature (to 572ºF using Hastelloy) or overpressure situations, sudden, total failure essentially never occurs. Patented Metaglas windows are formed by melting borosilicate glass into a precisely formed metal ring. As the glass cools, it solidifies, preventing the metal ring from contracting back to its theoretical size. The result is a uniform, mechanically prestressed fusion of glass and metal that combines excellent optical characteristics with greatly enhanced physical characteristics. Vital in sanitary service, the Metaglas discs have an uninterrupted surface with no crevice to trap bacteria - no epoxies, resins, or glue - a true fusion. The standard surface finish is 10 Ra µ-in (0.25 Ra µm). Electopolishing available upon request.


METAGLAS® Tri-Clamp Sight Glass

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