Julabo Thermal C10


Julabo Thermal C10 

JULABO Thermal bath fluids are ideally suited for all of your temperature control applications and guarantee safe and reliable operation. Choosing the proper bath fluid is critical for the best temperature control results. Viscosity, oxidation characteristics and heat transfer of Thermal fluids are matched specifically with each JULABO temperature control unit. JULABO Thermal bath fluids have been carefully selected and optimized for maximum performance with JULABO instruments.

Thermal C10 is a clear 10 cSt silicone fluid rated for use in open bath JULABO units with a working temperature range of -20…+160 °C. Care should be taken to observe atmospheric moisture condensation in the bath fluid with prolonged sub-ambient operation in humid environments. Water and silicone fluids are not miscible. Operation at the maximum temperature for heating applications will result in vapor formation. Vapor formation at elevated temperatures is a normal occurrence for silicone fluids. The upper temperature limit of the fluid is lower than the fluid flashpoint.



Julabo Thermal C10

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