Huber Unistat 915w with Pilot ONE


Huber Unistat 915w with Pilot ONE

(Please Note: There is a 2 - 3 weeks lead time)

              Unistat Circulators are an ideal solution for fast and precise thermal control of externally connected applications. These systems offer rapid temperature change and a wide temperature range without having to change fluid. The new Pilot ONE controller features a navigation system with easily remembered icons and menus which are sorted by color to make routine work simpler. An amazing software guides you through your set up ensuring all the necessary settings are correct.


  • Precise and reproducible temperature control results
  • Fastest heating and cooling rate
  • Wide temperature ranges with no fluid change
  • Pilot ONE controller with 5.7“ touchscreen and comfortable menu navigation
  • Adaptive temperature control, self-optimising 
  • Efficient circulation pump
  • Data communication via LAN, internet, USB, RS232 and RS485
  • Efficient operation saves working time and operating costs
  • Proven functionality for the process industry 
  • E-grade "Professional" included





General information & Temperature Controller
Temperature range -90...250 °C
Temperature stability ±0.02 °C ±0.01 °C
Temperature control TAC, self-optimizing (True Adaptive Control)
Display resolution 0.01 °C
Alarm message optical, acoustical
Controller Pilot ONE (E-grade "Professional")
Safety class III / FL
Protection class IP20
Dimensions (W x D x H) 630 x 704 x 1565 mm | 24.8 x 27.72 x 61.61 inches
Weight 364 kg | 802.62 pounds
Heating / Cooling Capacity
Heating capacity 6 kW
Cooling capacity

250 200 100 0 -20 -40 -60 -80 -90 °C

6,5 7,5 9 11 11 11 8,2 4,2 1,3 0,6 kW

Cooling machine water-cooled
Refrigerant 1. stage R507 (A1, H280) (2,9 kg)
Refrigerant 2. stage R23 (A1, H280) (1,23 kg)
Circulation Pump
Pressure pump max. 110 lpm ; 1.5 bar | 29.06 gpm ; 21.75 psi
Pump Connection M30x1,5 AG male
Permissible viscosity 50 mm²/s
Pt100 connection Pt100
Analogue input via optional Com.G@te
Analogue output via optional Com.G@te
Digital interface RS232, Ethernet, USB Device, USB Host
Operating Data
Old sku 1055.0011.01
Permissible ambient temp. 5...40 °C
Noise level 64 dB(A)
Filling volume min. 3.9 Liters | 1.03 gal
Volume of expansion 6.5 Liters | 1.72 gal
Cooling water connection G3/4 AG
Cooling water differential pressure min. 1 bar | 14.5 psi
Cooling water pressure max. 6 bar | 87 psi
Power supply 460V 3~ 60Hz
Current max. 29 A

Huber Unistat 915w with Pilot ONE

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