Glas-Col 22L Stir Mantle


Glas-Col 22L Stir Mantle

Safely and accurately heat solutions used in various distillations in laboratory and scientific applications
  • Apply heat directly and uniformly to containers, such as round bottom flasks
  • More accurate than hot plates and safer than Bunsen burners
  • Controllers can be purchased individually
  • Accommodates 22L spherical flasks



Specifications & Description
Max Flask Size (mL) 22000
Min Stirrer Speed (rpm) 100
Max Stirrer Speed (rpm) 1850
Max temperature (° F) 752
Max temperature (° C) 400
Power (VAC) 115
Power (watts) 1540
Height (in) 14
Diameter (in) 6.875
Outside Diameter (OD) (in) 19
Description Stirring/Heating Mantle, 22L Spherical Flask; 115V

Glas-Col 22L Stir Mantle

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