Edwards NXDS10iC 7.5 Cfm Chemical-Resistant Dry Scroll Pump


Edwards NXDS10iC 7.5 Cfm Chemical-Resistant Dry Scroll Pump

Dry Scroll Pumps

Dry scroll vacuum pumps are positive displacement pumps that use two spiral-shaped scrolls, one fixed and one orbiting, to trap and compress gas molecules. They are oil-free, low maintenance pumps that are commonly used for clean vacuum applications. Since they do not rely on oil for sealing and lubrication, they eliminate the risk of oil contamination and leakage, making them an environmentally-friendly choice.

We in Edwards are driving scroll technologies to its best and we are committed to offer the most sustainable solution now and in the future.

nXDSi Scroll Pumps

Edwards nXDS is the great new shape of dry vacuum pumping.


The nXDS has taken scroll vacuum technology to the next level. Improved performance, exceptional pumping capability, quiet operation and extended service intervals make nXDS the ultimate dry choice. The range covers pumping speeds from 6 to 20 m3/h.


The nXDS10i same as the nXDS15i are our key products offering a small dry pump solution for most Scientific Applications. Standard variant suitable for a large variety of applications; R-variant with blanked gas ballast and C-variant being corrosion resistant.

nXDS10iR - 100-127/200-240V 1Ph 50/60Hz

The nXDS10iR has the gas ballast blanked off so it cannot be accidently opened. These variants are available for specialist applications such as gas recirculation, rare gas pumping and recovery or other applications where the dilution of the pumped gas is undesirable, or where sealing is integral to minimising potential gas loss.

Features and Benefits

  • Quiet operation - Better working environment

  • Hermetically sealed for a lubricant-free vacuum environment - Contamination free process and no oil to dispose of

  • Low power consumption - Low cost of ownership

  • Intelligent and easy to use controls - Flexibility of operation

  • Superior vapour handling - Wider range of applications

  • Long service intervals - Maximised up-time


Edwards NXDS10iC 7.5 Cfm Chemical-Resistant Dry Scroll Pump

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    Edwards NXDS10iC 7.5 Cfm Chemical-Resistant Dry Scroll Pump

    Edwards NXDS10iC 7.5 Cfm Chemical-Resistant Dry Scroll Pump

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