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Chromatography Column Kit


SKU: CHROM-KIT 30 Day Limited Warranty

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Chromatography Column Kit

Chromatography Column Kit

This 3”x24” chromatography column features an internal volume of 2.7L. It’s commonly used for removing pesticides, separating components, and cleaning different chemical compounds. Additional consumables or accessories will be needed depending on application. Capacity can be increased with an additional reservoir adapted to the top 45/50 Rodaviss joint. Rodaviss joints are great for disconnecting any stubborn joints. Light grease is still recommended when assembling joints.

This kit features:

  • Casted base with 36” rod stand
  • Support ring
  • Chain clamp
  • Needle control valve
  • 3”x24” column with 2.7L capacity
  • 45/50 Rodaviss joint
  • Sintered disk
  • Stop cock

For additional information or questions regarding this kit, accessories, and consumables contact our customer support line.


30 days Limited Warranty (defects and craftmanship)