BVV Combination Pressure / Vacuum Vessel


 This combination pressure/vacuum vessel is the perfect solution for woodturners and can be used with either a glass lid for vacuum applications that is inert to stabilizing resins while also having stainless steel lid for pressure applications up to 90psi. Assembled and tested at BVV, ships the next business day after assembly and pressure testing. No compromises on quality here. This system weighs in at a hefty 45lbs, and if it's not tall enough you can add extensions in 10" increments!

Spool extension (10") - SKU: 1000X10S 

Clamp (10") - SKU: C1000 

Gasket (10") - SKU: 40MPXW-1000

This kit includes:
  • (1) Stainless steel lid with quick disconnect and pressure relief valve
  • (1) FLAT BOTTOM 10" TC  x 12" tall stainless steel vessel (9.75" ID) 
  • (1) Glass lid with silicone gasket and standard BVV 1/4" HVAC fitting
  • (1) 5' HVAC hose for vacuum
  • (1) 8" x 8" silicone pad
  • (1) 90psi ASME blow off valve (made in USA)
  • (1) 10" & 2" silicone gasket for the stainless lid (made in USA)
  • (1) 12mm thick tempered glass lid (made in USA)

Also pairs perfectly with the Underhill Casting Solutions - Vertical Double Deluxe 36 (Not included with this pressure vacuum system)


BVV Combination Pressure / Vacuum Vessel

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SKU: PV1000X12


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