BVV CMEP-OL Retro Fit Upgraded Head


Disclaimer: CMEP housing and motor do not come with this upgrade kit. It only includes bolt on cylinder heads and 2 stainless steel hoses and fittings to complete the upgrade.

BVV is proud to introduce the first ever Butane & Propane Recovery CMEP-OL head upgrade.  Blending compact design with improved Gen III Pistons from RKMAC, this newly designed head can recover 1lb. / 1:32 Seconds!  Ditch the rebuild time on the CMEP-OL and replace it with this head.  Rebuilds only take 45 mins and the parts are domestically made.  

The piston seals are rated to 450F and the average operating temperature of the pump is 187F leading to a long service life. 


  • Process up to 10,000 lbs. of vapor recovery before rebuild
  • Equipped with oil-less reciprocating compressors for a clean product
  • Designed and Assembled in the U.S.A. with domestic and global parts
  • Affordable and highly cost efficient
  • 4-Cylinder Configuration
  • Equipped with Viton O-Ring Seals for Butane/Propane gas and oil compatibility
  • Update your existing CMEP unit to a faster, more dependable unit.
  • Noise Level: 95.3dB at 1m

NOTE: If you are retrofitting a Gen 1 CMEP you will have to make a cut on the outlet pipe going from the gauge/valve to the radiator and add a compression ferrule. SKU# ISSD4BF and ISSD4FF

Technical Data Sheet

*Butane recovery results were achieved on a collection base pressure greater than 30psi and using a recovery cylinder with a pressure <10psi.   A dry ice coil was used in between the output port of the pump and the recovery cylinder to condense vapor.

BVV CMEP-OL Retro Fit Upgraded Head

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