Bottom Weld Tri-Clamp Filter Plate


Bottom Weld Stainless Steel Tri-Clamp / Tri Clover Filter Plate

Bottom Weld Stainless steel filter plates offer the user a great solid platform to help with filtration during the extraction process. These filter plates can be used simultaneously with ashless filter papers or any other filtration media like stainless steel ball bearings or steel wool to increase surface and filtration level to remove fats, lipids, waxes and any other unwanted material during the extraction process.

**Note: Does not include Clamp, Gasket or Ring

Sizes Available:

    • 1.5"

    • 2"

    • 3"

    • 4"

    • 6"

    • 8"

    • 10" 

    • 12" 


Material 304 Stainless Steel
Standard 3A High Polish
Connection Type(s) Tri-Clamp
Hole Diameter 5.8mm
Height 2"


Bottom Weld Tri-Clamp Filter Plate

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SKU: FP150-V3


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