Bolt Kit For High Pressure Clamps


Bolt Kit For High-Pressure Clamps

When high-pressure clamp bolts are used frequently the threads will wear down eventually causing the bolt to fail. User's need to replace their high-pressure bolts at the first sign of the threads wearing down or being marred. It is not recommended to tighten these bolts with an impact gun because it may cause the threads to be marred or jump threads causing the bolt to become stuck on the nut.

This kit includes the following:

  • Stainless Steel Bolt
  • Stainless Steel Lock Washer
  • Brass Nut


  • Size refers to size of Tri-Clamp not the actual length of the bolt.
  • BVV™ only recommends tightening high-pressure clamps with wrenches and making sure the space on each side of the clamp is even. DO NOT tighten with an impact gun.

Bolt Available for Clamp Sizes:

    • 1.5"

    • 2"

    • 3"

    • 4"

    • 6"-12"


    • Material: Brass Nut, 18-8 Stainless Steel Bolt and Lock Washer. 
    • Threading: 3/8"-16

Bolt Kit For High Pressure Clamps

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