20L Collection Base


The 20 Liter Collection Base allows for vacuum assistance during filtration. It works most efficiently when paired with the Refinement Filter but can be used as a standalone unit. It includes a dedicated vacuum valve and deidcated liquid dip tube valve which allows for direct injection into a rotovap.

Key Features:

    • Stainless steel design for greater thermal conductivity and improved lifespan

    • Easy to clean and disassemble with Tri-Clamp stainless steel parts

    • Collection vessel for vacuum and storage of material

    • Liquid dip tube for direct injection into rotary evaporator after filling

Key Specifications:

    • 20 Liter Collection Base (12"x12" Welded Bottom Spool w/ 12" Lid)

    • Dedicated Vacuum Valve

    • Dedicated Dip Tube Valve

    • Silicone gaskets with high alcohol resistance

    • 1/4" and (2)3/8" Stainless steel barb connections

    • Polycarbonate sights for easy viewing

20L Collection Base

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