Large 1-Micron Refinement Filter


Large 1-Micron Refinement Filter



Filter large volumes of solutions with ease with our  Large 1-micron Refinement filter. complete with our 1-micron built-in sintered disk filter plate these refinement filters provide complete support of the filter paper making ripped filter paper a thing of the past. Made from the highest quality 304 stainless steel parts this large refinement filter is built to last making it a great alternative to polypropylene filter trolleys. Our Large 1-Micron Refinement filter is available as a complete kit with and without the a Welch BTpro100 Diaphragm Pump.


Processing Power

  • Funnel Capacity: 22.24 Liters/5.88 Gallons
  • Collection Capacity: 50 Liters/13.2 Gallons


  • 12"x12" Funnel Body
  • 12" 1um Filter plate with Built-In Sintered Disk
  • 12" Filter Plate Ring
  • 12" Hemispherical Ring stand
  • 1/2" JIC Drain Valve
  • 50L  Stainless Steel Carboy Collection base
  • -30Hg  Vacuum Gauge
  • 1/2" JIC Vacuum Port
  • 3/8" JIC Diptube Valve
  • 1/4" JIC Butterfly Accessory Valve
  • 350MM Ashless Filter Paper
  • Silicone Gaskets

Large 1-Micron Refinement Filter

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