Benchtop 1 Micron Refinement Filter


Benchtop 1 Micron Refinement Filter



Eliminate suspended particles with ease with our 1-micron Refinement filters. complete with our 1-micron built-in sintered disk filter plate these refinement filters provide complete support of the filter paper making ripped filter paper a thing of the past. Made from the highest quality 304 stainless steel parts these benchtop refinement filters are infinitely more robust than your typical porcelain Buchner funnels. Pairs nicely with diaphragm vacuum pumps or our spark-free vacuum pumps paired with a cold trap.



Processing Power

  • Funnel Capacity: 5.5 Liters/1.45 Gallons
  • Collection Capacity: 11.35 Liters/3 Gallons




  • 6"x12" Funnel Body
  • 6" 1um Filter plate with Built-In Sintered Disk
  • 6" Filter Plate Ring
  • 6" Hemispherical Ring stand
  • 1/4" Full Bore Ball valve  with 1/4" JIC Drain port
  • 3 Gallon Stainless Steel Collection Base with Glass Lid
  • Back Mount Vacuum Gauge
  • 1/4" JIC Butterfly Vacuum Valve
  • 2.5UM 180MM Ashless Filter Paper
  • Nitrile BUNA-N gaskets

Benchtop 1 Micron Refinement Filter

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