1/4" ID Heavy Wall Spiral Wire Reinforced Clear PVC Vacuum Hose


1/4" Reinforced Clear PVC Vacuum Hose

Crystal clear Phthalate Free PVC compound, formulated with ingredients in compliance with applicable FDA(03) requirements, meets USDA(18), 3A(01), NSF(13) and RoHS(16) criteria. This hose is reinforced with helically-wound spring steel wire to prevent it from collapsing under a vacuum and prevent kinking or deformation of the tubing.

Key Features:

    • Vacuum Rated to 29.9" HG @ 70°F

    • Spiral wire reinforcement prevents kinking or collapsing and prevent expansion under higher pressure applications

    • Crystal clear tubing allows visual confirmation of product flow

    • Glass smooth interior prevents build-up of material inside the tubing

    • Electrogalvanized helical steel wire can be used for static dissipation. (This product is designed to dissipate static electricity when the metal wire is properly connected to ground through the fitting or other means

    • Resistant to wide range of chemicals

    • Self extinguishing

    • Non-marking

    • Silicone Free

    • One-piece lengths

    • Phthalate Free!

Common Applications:

    • Full Vacuum Lines

    • Industrial Vacuum Pumps

    • Food and beverage dispensing

    • Air and water supply lines

    • Pneumatic parts transfer

    • Car wash applications

    • Coolant lines

    • Air breathing lines

    • Deionized water systems

Series K1760
Sized Code 04
Service Temperature Range 25 to 150°F (-4 to 65°C)
Nominal ID 1/4" (6.4mm)
Nominal OD 0.460" (11.7mm)
Max Working Pressure @ 70°F (20°C) 150 Psi
Max Working Pressure @ 122°F (50°C) 70 Psi
Standard Length Coils 100ft
Approx. Wt. per Pkg. 7.0lb
Brand Kuri Tec®
Packaging Coils
Material NSF-51
Applications / Materials Conveyed

Air and Water supply lines

Air breathing lines

Car Wash Applications

Coolant Lines

Deionized Water Systems

Food & Beverage dispensing

Full Vacuum Lines

Industrial Vacuum Lines

Pneumatic Parts Transfer

Min. Bend Radius @ 70°F 1"
Type Reinforced Water Supply and Food Grade Hose
Style Standard Wall PVC Food and Beverage Vacuum/Transfer Hose
Inside Tube Material Crystal Clear Phthalate Free PVC Compound
Cover Material Crystal Clear Phthalate Free PVC Compound
Reinforcement Material Helically-wound spring steel wire
Color Crystal Clear
Medium Temperature(Min) 25°F (-4°C)
Medium Temperature(Max) 150°F (65°C)
Weight per Foot 0.07lbs/ft
Performance Clear PVC wire reinforced for vacuum; Kink Resistant

1/4" ID Heavy Wall Spiral Wire Reinforced Clear PVC Vacuum Hose

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SKU: K7160-04X5


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