New At BVV: Industry Leading Centrifuges

New At BVV: Industry Leading Centrifuges

, by Avery Benitez, 6 min reading time

With the Farming Act of 2018 BVV was faced with the demands of both small scale and large-scale hemp farmers and processors for an ethanol extraction system.  Ethanol extraction is the preferred method of extracting hemp for its lower startup cost compared to hydrocarbon and CO2, simplicity of operation, high throughput, and overall efficiency of extraction.

The first step was to choose what type of extraction and solvent recovery method we were going to use. We compared were centrifugal force and batch processing or basic column extraction.


Extraction Time

Ease of Installation


Solvent Recovery

Solvent Temperature Control

Ease of use



Extraction time range from 10-20 minutes based on soak time and agitation

Requires three phase power for high HP motors on centrifuge

Use built in motor to create agitation during soak and extraction step

Use centrifugal force to spin dry most solvent from spent material

If low temp needed requires the use of an external high kW low temp chiller/freezer

Can be controlled via PLC and parameters can be set and controlled

Commonly used in all households (washing machine)


Extraction time range from 5-10 minutes based on soak time only

Doesn’t require high HP components compared to centrifuge

No easy way to control any kind of agitation in the column

Requires secondary solvent recovery method such as a screw press

If low temp needed requires the use of an external high kW low temp chiller/freezer

Manual control of all valves and times

Must have some knowledge before running


In order to keep the extraction method simple and compact with user operation in mind we decided to use centrifugal extraction.

The next step was to make sure our target customers were taken care of. We can’t forget that ethanol extraction started with bucket tech, so we immediately thought about the smaller scale users. This would also help smaller businesses start up with low cost and give them an opportunity to get their business going. The 45L allows for users to pack 8-12lbs comfortably and is a good size based on yield to process crude oil for further processing. On the other hand, we knew we needed a larger scale extraction system for the hemp farmers and processer; The 475L centrifuge was made to cater that market.

Third was operation of the centrifuge and making it an overall better product with longevity and quality in mind. The centrifuge body is 304SS for ease of cleaning and low bacterial growth surface. We used EX rated (explosion proof) control box and motor with fully insulated wiring to protect all components from the flammability of ethanol vapor. Dampers were installed on the lid to help the user when lifting. The feet were made to be bolted down and have dampers to assist with any vibrations due to spinning. Siemens PLC control was used to all operation functions on the centrifuge. The operator can control agitation time, speed, and direction. For the drying cycle the operator controls parameters for four spin drying stages where speed and duration are the inputs. Lastly, the operator can install their own PLC controlled inlet and drain valve to control via PLC. Besides loading the material basket in the centrifuge, the operator has full control of the extraction process via the Siemens PLC.

We have a hemp processing license in Illinois and have began to use the large centrifuge for our own hemp extraction facility. We are proud to present our 45L and 475L centrifuge to our loyal and new customers of this expanding industry.

Additional Specs:


45L Centrifuge

475 Centrifuge

Electrical Requirements



Motor Power

2.2 Kw

11 Kw

Separation Factor




1500 RPM

800 RPM

Alcohol Removal Efficiency


TBD, Testing Underway

Low Temperature Rating

-40°F (-40°C)

Number of Operators



Processing Time per run

15-20 minutes

+20 minutes

Centrifuge L x W x H

(lid closed)

50” x 27.6” x 28.75”

(1270mm x 701mm x 729mm)

89.5” x 65.25” x 47.5”

(2273mm x 1657mm x 1207mm)

Centrifuge L x W x H

(lid open)

50” x 27.5” x 49.25”

(1270mm x 701mm x 1251mm)

89.5” x 65.25” x 103.75”

(2273mm x 1657mm x 2635mm)

Control Box

L x W x H

22” x 18.75” x 53.75”

(559mm x 476mm x 1365mm)

Control Box Weight

208lbs (94Kg)

Overall L x W x H

Centrifuge + Control Box

91” x 42” x 53.75”

(2311mm x 1067mm x 1365mm)

141” x 65.25” x 47.5”

(3581mm x 1657mm x 1207mm)

16.Centrifuge Base

Dia. X H

20.25” x 16.25”

(514mm x 413mm)

54.75 x 25.25”

(1,391mm x 641mm)

Basket Dimensions

Dia. x H

17.5” x 11.75”

(445mm x 298mm)

47.25” x 16.75”

(120011mm x 425mm)

Total Internal Volume

Of Base

22.7gal (86L)

257.3gal (974L)

Alcohol Requirement per run

17gal (64L)

TBD, Testing Underway

Alcohol Requirement per 8hr

at 20-minute run time

408gal (1,544L)

TBD, Testing Underway

Biomass Throughput per run


8-12lbs (3.6-5.4Kg)

TBD, Testing Underway 

Biomass Throughput per 8hr

At lowest material pack

192lbs (87Kg)

TBD, Testing Underway

Centrifuge Total Weight

794lbs (360Kg)

5,600lbs (2540Kg)

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