Water Filtration

Water Filtration

, by Adam Marosi, 1 min reading time

In hydroponics, water filtration is a key factor in your garden’s success. Water filtration works by having water run through one of the filtration systems. It passes through a sediment filter. The sediment filter takes out sand, silt, rust, and other heavy minerals from the water. Next, the water runs through the carbon filter. The carbon filter removes iron, sulfur, and chlorine. High amounts of chlorine can affect the leaf tissue resulting in leaves with a scorched or burned appearance. If your water has too much iron or sulfur it can cause a nutrient lockout. When a nutrient lockup happens, the plant can’t uptake nutrients efficiently causing a weak and flimsy plant that causes stunted growth. The leaves of the plants will appear to have a nutrient deficiency by showing curling or yellowing. After it passes through both filters the water is free of containments and ready to use on your plants.

Used in every aspect of your garden. From watering to hydroponics


  • Purified water free of containments
  • Healthy water for your plants


  • Replace the filters after every 2-4 months


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